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Lappset Management

Lappset’s official name is Lappset Group Ltd. Lappset is a family-run limited company headquartered in Rovaniemi, Finland. Lappset is managed by its Board of Directors and Management Team.

Lappset Group Management Team

Johan GranholmSVP, Sales and Marketing, Consul for Denmark +358 40 532 4183 johan.granholm@lappset.com
Erkki IkäheimoVP, Design & Innovations, Legal affairs +358 40 535 9962 erkki.ikaheimo@lappset.com
Ann-Mari TuominenVP, People & Culture +358 40 512 0372 ann-mari.tuominen@lappset.com
Joonas PyhäjärviVP, Manufacturing & Project Operations +358 40 689 6112 joonas.pyhajarvi@lappset.com
Riku IkäheimoOwner's representative, Production Manager +358 40 584 2701 riku.ikaheimo@lappset.com

Board of Directors

Lappset Group Ltd’s Board of Directors is composed of Johanna Ikäheimo (chair), Heikki Martela (member), Kimmo Lautanen (member), and Katja Ikäheimo-Lankinen (member).

Managing Director Arto Lahtela acts as the rapporteur. The Board of Directors’ Secretary is Head of Group Communications Irma Kuukasjarvi.