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Our locations

Lappset Group Ltd originates from Rovaniemi in Lapland, Finland. We have offices in eight and production in three countries.

Lappset Group is made up of the parent company and subsidiaries in Sweden, Estonia, France, Germany, the Netherlands, China, and the US. We have offices in all these countries.

All our production is in Northern Europe

We have factories in three countries. Wooden products are manufactured in Rovaniemi, and the metallic components and product ranges are produced at Lappset Estonia Oü’s factory in Tallinn. The interactive range is designed and manufactured in the Netherlands. Special solutions to museums, science centers, and indoor theme parks are made at our subsidiary in Kuopio, Finland, at Fantasia Works Oy.

In addition to its subsidiaries, Lappset Group Ltd’s network of channel partners covers over 60 different countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and Canada in North America.

Below you can find a list of Lappset's main locations and their contact information.

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Kuopio, Finland

Lappset's subsidiary Fantasia Works designs, manufactures, and assembles projects for branded Theme Parks, Science Centres, and Visitor Attractions.

Our thematic activity parks, which are delivered on a turnkey basis, create unforgettable experiences and take play, sport, and quality time to a completely new level.

Phone: +358 20 155 54 20

Email: sales@fantasiaworks.com

Address: Rautakatu 1, 70150, Kuopio, Finland

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Enköping, Sweden

Lappset Sweden AB is responsible for marketing and selling Lappset’s products in Sweden.

Phone: 46 (0) 171-270 80

Fax: +46 (0)171-272 99

Address: Lappset Sweden AB, Basaltgatan 1, 749 40 Enköping, Sverige

Opening hours: 8:00-16:45

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Tallinn, Estonia

Lappset Estonia Oü has a factory in Tallinn, Estonia, where we make our metallic product ranges, such as Cloxx, Gym, and Parkour, as well as metallic components for our other ranges. 

Address: Lappset Estonia OÜ, Jälgimäe tee 13, Tänassilma küla, 76406, Saku vald, Estonia

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Goor, Netherlands

Lappset Yalp B.V. is responsible for marketing and selling Lappset’s products in the Netherlands.

It is also the location of Lappset Interactive, formerly known as Yalp Interactive, which specializes in developing and producing cutting-edge interactive solutions. Our products merge technology with outdoor play, sports, games, and education in innovative ways. With our interactive range, we seamlessly blend the physical and digital domains to create unique and engaging experiences.

Phone: +31 (0)547 289 410

Email: contact@yalp.com

Address: Nieuwenkampsmaten 12, 7472 DE Goor, The Netherlands

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Austin, Texas, USA

Yalp Inc. is Lappset's subsidiary and works together with a network of dealers to market and sell Lappset products in the United States of America. 

Phone: +1 (202) 528 7520

Email: usa@yalp.com

Address: 2021 Guadalupe Street, Suite 260, AUSTIN, TX 78705

German flag

Gronau, Germany

Lappset GmbH. is responsible for marketing and selling Lappset’s products in Germany.

Phone: 025629435150

Email: deutschland@lappset.de

Address: Mühlenmathe 50, 48599 Gronau, Deutschland


Saint-Jean-d'Illac, France

Lappset France SAS is responsible for marketing and selling Lappset’s products in France.

Phone: +33 5 56 37 38 06


Fax: 05 56 37 38 35

Address: 242 Allée des Deux Poteaux, 33127 Saint-Jean-d'Illac, France