Spare parts and maintenance

Maintenance and spare parts

With proper maintenance, your equipment will have a long life span. We design and manufacture all our play and sports equipment with safety in mind, considering the users’ age groups and assessing risks based on current standards. Occasionally, parts must be replaced due to damage or wear. This must be done without delay to prevent hazardous situations from occurring.

Please note that as the owner, you are responsible for the maintenance of the equipment and the area around it.

Warranty is valid only if the equipment has been properly maintained

It is crucial to conform to the inspection and maintenance instructions provided by Lappset to prevent hazardous situations on, below and around play and sports equipment. Lappset takes no responsibility for any damage or injuries caused by non-compliance with the instructions. Lappset's general product warranty is subject to compliance with these maintenance instructions. The maintenance manual describes how to inspect and maintain Lappset equipment properly. 

General maintenance instructions

Cleanliness of equipment

Check the cleanliness of the equipment. Remove all dirt, leaves and litter from the structures and the area around the equipment. If necessary, wash the parts using a mild detergent and water. Wipe off the rust and watermarks.

Broken or missing parts

Inspect the equipment for loose, broken or missing parts. If necessary, replace or tighten parts.

Flora Troll Village

Flora Troll Village

Park Place outdoor benches and tables

Park Place outdoor benches and tables

Foreign objects

Inspect the equipment for any foreign objects tied or attached to it. Remove any foreign objects.


Check that all bolted joints are securely tightened. Check that rivets are not loose or broken. Tighten connections or, if necessary, replace old parts with new ones. See installation instructions for the correct torque settings. Removing bolt covers may be necessary–replace damaged ones with new ones. Check that there are no gaps in which clothes can become trapped close to slides, barriers, roof sections or guard rails. Tighten any parts that are loose or have moved.

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Specific maintenance instructions

Read more of the specific maintenance instructions for different parts of the equipment and see the maintenance paints listed below:

Maintenance instructions

Maintenance paint instructions for wooden and metal parts

Spare parts

Spare parts

Spare part service

Parts must occasionally be replaced due to damage or wear. This must be done without delay to prevent hazardous situations. Repairs must be carried out in accordance with the maintenance manual and installation instructions.

If repairs cannot be made immediately, access to the part in question or, if necessary, the entire piece of equipment must be prevented.

When you need a spare part for Lappset equipment, please get in touch with your local salesperson. We kindly ask you to note that spare parts` delivery time for equipment no longer included in the current equipment range can take longer to deliver.

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All our equipment comes with a label specifying the exact product model. This makes ordering spare parts and maintenance easy.

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Spare parts and maintenance

Keep your outdoor equipment safe with Maintenance Year Clock

Maintaining outdoor play and sports equipment is critical for the safety and longevity of your investment. That's why we're excited to offer our Maintenance Year Clock, a valuable tool that will help you stay on top of your equipment maintenance needs.