Viking-themed playground in Öland, Sweden

In Köpingsvik on Öland, you will find a playground with a Viking theme. The playground, called Vikingaborgen, is a large interconnected play castle from Lappset's Flora product series, wooden play products. The castle was inaugurated in the autumn of 2021 by the municipality of Borgholm and has become a popular destination. The playground attracts large and small children where everyone can fit in.

Vikingaborgen i Köpingsvik, Öland
Lappset Sweden

Vikingaborgen playground puts Köpingsvik on the map

In Borgholm municipality on Öland, a long-awaited playground is well worth visiting. The playground can be found at Kyrkallén in Köpingsvik, and it is in the form of a large continuous castle that invites play, movement, and challenges for children between one and 14 years. The play Castle has a Viking theme related to the surrounding environment and local history.

The opening of the playground Vikingaborgen at Öland, Sweden

The opening of the playground Vikingaborgen at Öland, Sweden

Inclusive playground dating back to the Middle Ages

In November 2021, the park was inaugurated with pomp and circumstance, and Borg Maximus proudly towered over the grounds. Stefan Andersson-Junkka, the park engineer, gave the opening speech. He thanked everyone who helped build the new playground and Lappset, who delivered the play castle. 11-year-old Albin Berg from the leisure centre in Köpingsvik cut the ribbon together with the municipal board chairman Ilko Corkovic.

The event attracted a lot of people, and the cheers came thick and fast. The happiness among the children was high. After a nice and proud speech by Borgholm municipality, everyone was allowed to test the inclusive play product that attracted young and old.

The joy of play was contagious!

The most important grades come from the children. We had the opportunity to talk to some of them afterward, and the joy and energy were unmistakable. 

- This is the best playground I've ever seen! Chirped a girl with big sparkling eyes. 

- That was the best candy! Said another with a mouthful of coffee 😂.

A third child said she would run home after school every day and leave her bag so she could run back quickly - this was the most fun she had had! 

What grades! We are so proud to have had the opportunity to deliver such a joy of play that Borg Maximus offers. Something tells us that this playground will be the children's favorite in Öland :-).

A girl climbs on Vikingaborgen at Öland, Sweden. Photo: Borgholms kommun

A girl climbs on Vikingaborgen at Öland, Sweden. Photo: Borgholms kommun