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Fun for the whole family at The Sallandshoeve

When you visit De Sallandshoeve vacation park in Nieuw Heeten, you'll be instantly captivated by a breathtaking playground. Nestled at the park entrance and embraced by towering trees, it offers a delightful spot where you can relax in the shade. Imagine reaching your ultimate destination after a long journey, where the kids eagerly leap out of the car to play while the parents handle check-in. The playground awaits, with its enchanting play castle, interactive soccer wall, and colossal bouncy castle that caters to all ages. Prepare for a world of fun and adventure!

Nieuw Heeten, The Netherlands
Lappset Yalp The Netherlands
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Improve your soccer skills on vacation

In addition to a vast play castle that can keep children entertained for hours, The Sallandshoeve offers a range of exciting activities. Get ready for action! Experience the Lappset Sutu Interactive ball wall, where you can enjoy games of soccer, tennis, and handball. The Sutu offers multiple games to ignite your competitive spirit. With the Yalp+ app, the fun never ends - simply scan the QR code on the device and save your scores in the app. It's a great opportunity to improve your skills or challenge your friends during your vacation.

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Play as a knight and princess in the castle

Children can indulge in endless play at the magnificent Flora Castle Maximus. This awe-inspiring and adventurous fortress offers an abundance of captivating experiences. Featuring multiple towering structures interconnected by various bridges, this dreamlike play area sparks imagination and creativity. The play panels transport you to a world of fantasy and invite children to explore and enjoy every level. While some sections cater to younger children, others provide older children with unforgettable moments.

"By applying theming, we create something unique where kids can play for hours and guests come back for."

- Rick Otter

A unique experience in recreation

As a resort, it is important to provide your guests with a one-of-a-kind experience. Rick Otter, a recreation entrepreneur and owner, understands this concept perfectly and has implemented it in his parks. "While parents enjoy the terrace, children should have a playful environment." With the help of Lappset Yalp, we have created exceptional play areas in our parks, De Boshoek and De Sallandshoeve. By incorporating unique themes, we have crafted an unforgettable experience where children can play for hours, and guests keep coming back for more.

At De Boshoek, we have installed an incredibly captivating play ship that has garnered enthusiastic reactions from both parents and children alike. And our play castle at De Sallandshoeve never fails to astound our guests. Every day, the sight of children engaging with one another and forging connections is a testament to the castle's transformative power. It transcends being a mere playset, as it brings people closer together and creates lasting memories."

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Seven Facts about Castle Maximus

  1. The castle is 24.8 m long and 14.3 m wide
  2. There are five awesome slides from high to low
  3. The four high climbing towers offer fantastic views
  4. On all sides, there is a challenging entrance for each level
  5. The beautiful wooden appearance fits perfectly into any environment
  6. Within the castle, one can discover dragons and knightly elements that enhance the overall experience
  7. The size, possibilities and setup make the castle perfect for large groups of children

Vacation Park Sallandshoeve Nieuw Heeten, The Netherlands

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