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Plaswijckpark introduces engaging, interactive playsets captivate the tech-savvy generation

For a century, Plaswijck Park has been a haven of outdoor amusement, offering a secure playground for the youngsters of Rotterdam North. Sprawling across 15 hectares of picturesque landscapes, this enchanting park boasts not only an extensive play area but also a charming zoo, a delightful teahouse, and a serene pond nestled by the Bergse Achterplas. A wonderful location full of fun for children, parents and grandparents!

Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Lappset Yalp the Netherlands
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Perfect combination between digitizing and movement

In January 2021, a fire engulfed the thatched-roofed theatre building located at the entrance of the park, reducing it to ashes. Despite the devastating loss, the determined minds at Plaswijck Park refused to be defeated. Immediately, the board and director, Fred Nijveld, set their collective thoughts in motion, exploring potential temporary uses for the vacant space. For quite some time, there has been a longing to introduce interactive equipment in the park. Despite Plaswijckpark's policy against screens in the park, they are keen to embrace modern trends and adapt accordingly. Fred: "We noticed that it's challenging to engage the older generation of children. We once took a study trip to Spain with Lappset Yalp to explore their interactive equipment, and that experience has stayed with us. Traditional swings and slides no longer captivate children aged 9 to 11. Lappset's interactive devices offer the perfect blend of digitization and play, emphasizing activity, movement, and fun. After all, without movement, nothing happens, and that's what appeals to us."

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Fun under the open tent

Plaswijck Park offers enjoyable and relaxing experiences for the entire family. The park boasts several attractions that perfectly cater to this, such as the Lappset Sona Interactive dance and play arch, the Lasppset Memo Interactive play pillars, and the Lappset Sutu Interactive ball wall. Following a fire, the park initially aimed to create a temporary space on the old theatre premises. This allowed them to provide children with a new playground immediately while also developing a comprehensive future plan for the park. To accommodate this, a beautiful stretch tent was erected, offering a swift and aesthetically pleasing solution for children to play, even in chilly weather. After two years, the equipment continues to function flawlessly, and the park has received abundant positive feedback regarding its open construction. The transparency of the tent allows visitors to catch glimpses of the park as soon as they enter, including the delightful sight of swan boats on the water from the playground. This has created a significantly cosier atmosphere throughout the park. Due to its success, the tent, along with its interactive equipment, will remain in place for the foreseeable future, ensuring continued enjoyment for all. Fred, a representative of the park, expressed this sentiment, stating, "We are delighted with the tent and interactive equipment, which have greatly enhanced our visitors' experiences. The positive response has been overwhelming, and we are excited to provide this delightful setting for years to come."

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More than just kicking a ball around

With years of experience, extensive research, and continuous optimization, we, at Lappset Yalp, possess the expertise to encourage both children and adults to engage in uninhibited movement with our interactive equipment. Fred, one of our team members, describes the vision behind our games as something truly remarkable. It transcends the mere act of kicking a ball; it becomes a subconscious development of motor skills while immersing oneself in play. Our focus is solely on movement, and it is this unique approach that captivates us and sets us apart from the ordinary.


Children's natural curiosity and exploration is stimulated by interactive devices, which have a natural attraction. This is evident in daily visits to Plaswijck park where children react enthusiastically to the interactive play equipment. Though it may take some getting used to, the equipment automatically detects movement and starts talking.

Plaswijckpark | Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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