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Moomin-themed playground in Finland

Discover a world of enchantment and adventure at Moomin park! Kotka is a coastal city on the Baltic Sea and Katariina Seaside Park is a 20-hectare outdoor area located by the sea. A Moomin-themed playground has been located in the park, bringing Moomin-tales to life in a real environment. The seven-meter-high Moominhouse with three floors inspires children of all ages to explore the Moominhouse and the valley while learning and having fun.

Kotka, Finland
Lappset Finland

The much-awaited Moomin playground

Families of all sizes have been eagerly awaiting the opening of the Moomin playground, located at Katariina Marine Park in Kotka. From dawn 'till dusk, there has been an incredible amount of activity surrounding its construction - a sign that it will be well worth the wait! The addition to this "folk park" is sure to not only bring joy and excitement for locals but also draw visitors from around Finland as international borders are gradually opened up once more. Heikki Laaksonen, City Gardener, credits the attention given towards creating something fun yet safe for even little ones when discussing what makes this place so special.

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The alluring centerpiece of the Moomin playground

The alluring centerpiece? A three-story tall Moominhouse with endless possibilities for exploration. Venture outside to find a river bordered by stones, winding its way around an old fishing boat that now resides in pride on the parade ground - ready to transport guests into another realm.

"This is definitely one of the most memorable projects. It was nice to be involved in implementing the city park gardener Heikki Laaksonen's wonderful plan. It’s great to see how Moomin-tales really come to life in playgrounds. The Moominhouse and the valley will certainly attract families from across the country, and even further afield. I am convinced that the playground will bring joy to all ages.” says Iina Vilpponen, Regional Sales Manager from Lappset Group.

Take a virtual tour in the Moominhouse!

Katariina Seaside Park provides a wonderful place for Moomin-themed play by the Baltic sea

Bridge across the river to the Moominhouse

Bridge across the river to the Moominhouse

The exciting play area is an ideal destination for thrill-seekers of all ages - from toddlers to daring school-aged adventurers

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