Incredible play hours on the opening of Rock Hill's Miracle Park

Rock Hill wanted to create the most inclusive community space. Ever. And they deliver with Mirciale Park. On September 18th, 2021, Rock Hill opened the first phase of its incredible new inclusive playground, 'Miracle Park,' with the Memo and Sona as key features in the overall playspace. On Sunday, September 19th, 2021, the Sona had over 10 hours of play!

Rock Hill (SC), United States of America
Cunningham Recreation

Miracle Park is unique because it follows the principles of universal design

The new park is a first of its kind within the US. It is now officially the newest member of the 'Miracle League' – a national sports league started about 20 years ago as a baseball team for children with disabilities.

"Because you don't come to this park and play because you have special needs, this park is for all. For once, there is a park that truly is for all." – Community Speaker Miracle Park

Check out the opening documented by WBTV.

Playing outside should be available for everyone, children with or without a disability, players young and old, different nationalities, languages, preferences, or user's needs.

This park is unique because it follows the principles of universal design. Rock Hill provides a playground that is accessible to everyone. Our products are designed to be inclusive and accessible to everyone.

Incredible new inclusive playground

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