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Macleod Village Green Playground

Banyule Council boasts the honour of installing the first internet-connected, interactive play technology in Victoria at Macleod Village Green. The Lappset Memo Interactive play pillars are expertly engineered, designed, and manufactured and offer truly exciting educational and physical play all in one interactive internet-connected playset. All the games aim to challenge children aged 4+ by using their brains and creativity in a fun format. There are currently over 56 different games from maths, memory, fitness, creativity, language, and team play, just to name a few.

Macleod, Australia
Lark Industries
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The Memo has built-in functionality, so new games (which are constantly being developed) can always be added.

There’s even a My Yalp App to assist with managing the settings, games, and statistics of the Lappset Memo Interactive play pillars.

Council believes that internet connectivity and ongoing game development will future-proof the installation and provide something that will remain unique and exciting for years to come.

Memo’s understated appearance is well suited to the leafy village feel of the Macleod Village area. Surrounded by a shopping strip, community centre, childcare, and public transport, the Memo is now a focal point for the local community and definitely the talk of the town!

The Lappset Memo Interactive play pillars in Macleod Village Green have amazing play hours. Just check out how it performed last year!

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