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The Sports Museum of Finland's Remarkable Exhibitions

The Sports Museum of Finland, also known as TAHTO, is an extraordinary institution dedicated to promoting and celebrating the world of sports and physical activity in Finland. As the sole museum of its kind in the country, it proudly preserves the national collection of Finnish sports and physical culture, safeguarding the rich archives of major sports organizations. Moreover, it plays a vital role in coordinating the activities of other sports-related museums across Finland.

Tahto Sports Museum
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From 29-01-2022 until the fall of 2023, visitors had the incredible opportunity to experience the Lappset Sutu Interactive ball wall at the Sport & Tech and Gone With The Snow exhibitions. The resounding success of our interactive game wall, Sutu, has demonstrated that TAHTO, Center for Finnish Sports Culture, is the ultimate destination for activating and energizing individuals. And now, we are absolutely thrilled to continue our collaboration with TAHTO in the sensational 'Sweat, Fun and Benefits' exhibition. This remarkable showcase opened on Friday, 22 September 2023, featuring the Lappset Luna Interactive dance and play spot.

The Sports Museum of Finland / TAHTO, Helsinki

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Opening at TAHTO Sports Museum

Opening at TAHTO Sports Museum

Why should you move? This is the question the exhibition poses, offering compelling reasons to get up and get moving. At Lappset, we are passionate about inspiring people to be active and keep their hearts pumping. The motivation to exercise may vary, but what truly matters is that physical activity brings us all joy and unique benefits. In the new exhibition, we are dedicated to getting people active and introducing exciting ways to get their hearts racing.

“The first impression of the Luna is that especially children and young people have been beyond excited about the device, and the threshold to play is incredibly low compared to adults.” - Kalle Rantala, Head of Exhibition, Sports Museum of Finland / TAHTO

TAHTO Sports Museum

"We adapt the games according to the groups (e.g., for kindergarteners, we only activate music games because they don't know numbers)." The Sports Museum of Finland embraces adaptability, catering to the diverse needs of visitors of all ages.  - Kalle Rantala, Head of Exhibition, Sports Museum of Finland / TAHTO

Rantala says, "There have been some inquiries from tourists about the possibility of easily changing the language of the game to, for example, English since the game commands are currently only in Finnish (which, of course, works best for most visitors). So, having a language change button for visitors would be incredibly helpful in certain situations. But of course, a crash course in Finnish is a good idea for everyone." Recognizing the importance of inclusivity, Kalle Rantala requested a solution to address language barriers. Lappset quickly responded with the Yalp+ app, which allows users to change the language settings on the Luna and choose any game they wish to play. By implementing a language change feature, we aim to make the experience more accessible to a global audience while still celebrating the local culture.

"The first holiday weeks are currently underway, and we're thrilled to see an increase in the number of visitors. On Monday 16th, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and we experienced the highest playtime so far." - Kalle Rantala, Head of Exhibition Sports Museum of Finland / TAHTO

Streamlined Control for Maximum Enjoyment

"The online platform (store.yalp.com) for the Luna is simple, allowing users to download new games and control the on/off settings for different occasions." - Kalle Rantala, Head of Exhibition Sports Museum of Finland / TAHTO

Ease of use is of utmost importance at Lappset Group. Through our user-friendly online platform, interactive owners have the power to effortlessly customize their visitors' experience, ensuring that every moment is perfectly tailored to their preferences.

TAHTO, in partnership with Lappset Group, redefines interactive sports engagement, inspiring physical activity and highlighting its benefits for all ages. This collaboration showcases how innovation, adaptability, and inclusivity create a dynamic museum experience. As we look ahead, this institution will continue to promote an active sports culture in Finland and beyond.

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