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The Lappset Fono Interactive DJ-booth under a highway bridge

Since April 26, 2019, the city of Dortmund has had its You Point at the Phoenix Lake. This meeting place is an area of about 5,000m² with various leisure activities for young people. This project is unique because You Point is located directly under a highway bridge, and the Lappset Fono Interactive DJ-booth was integrated there. The Fono is the first outdoor DJ booth in the world. The You Point offers young people a place to “chill out” with music or be active with fun sports equipment, such as the first Parkour facility in Dortmund!

Dortmund, Germany
Lappset GmbH
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Mr. Ruhrmann from the Youth Welfare Office Dortmund / Office for Children and Youth Interests says:

"Colleagues got to know the interactive devices from Lappset GmbH at a trade fair. Here, they could test the equipment right away. At the time, a meeting place for young people focused on sports and exercise was already planned. The Lappset Fono Interactive DJ-booth is the perfect addition because sports and music simply belong together!"

"The teens now have their own place!"

– Mr. Ruhrmann, Youth Welfare Office / Office for Children's Interests

Meeting place in Dortmund, Germany

A meeting place for the youth

It was important for the city to give young people a place to meet. That is why the city organized youth participation. More than 500 young people participated in the planning and helped design their place under and at bridge B 236. We -from Lappset GmbH- were present on this day with our Lappset Sutu Interactive ball wall and the Lappset Fono Interactive DJ-booth so that the young people could try out the equipment and get an overview of the different possibilities of use.

Mr. Ruhrmann continues,

"The feedback on social networks confirms that it has simply become a unique place. The different user groups now have their own place to hang out/chill and play sports."

On Google, you can see many facility reviews, among others. There, the You Point has a rating of 4 stars! The following reviews were left:

  • The DJ booth is cool.
  • Finally, something new and the DJ booth is well received
  • Great idea, it's fun, especially the DJ booth where you can play your own music with your phone.
  • It's a cool playground for the youth.

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