There is plenty to do for young and old at Camping de Pampel

Camping de Pampel in Hoenderloo offers an ideal setting for a family-friendly camping experience, providing an overload of amenities to cater to children of all ages. From a refreshing swimming pool and an exciting indoor play castle to various well-placed playgrounds, the campsite is designed with the utmost consideration for everyone. Moreover, a spacious sports field adds to the recreational options, ensuring active and enjoyable experiences for all.

Hoenderloo, The Netherlands
Lappset Nederland
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A group of children and adults play a game on a small, outdoor, green artificial turf sports field with colorful markings. The field is surrounded by trees, and several vehicles can be seen parked in the background. The sky is overcast.

A group of children and adults play a game on a small, outdoor, green artificial turf sports field with colorful markings. The field is surrounded by trees, and several vehicles can be seen parked in the background. The sky is overcast.

Still happy with the sports field after six years

A sports field was completed in March 2014 to appeal to sporty camping guests. The pitch is suitable for various ball sports and is completely customised. Camping de Pampel itself chose the dimensions and placement of the various goals, baskets, and lines on the surface.

In 2014, Yalp spoke to Harry Uithol. Harry runs Camping de Pampel and two more campsites together with his two sons. At the time, Harry Uithol said the following about the sports field: "We wanted to upgrade our campsite in terms of sports this year. With this facility, we want to make the campsite even more attractive for our guests. Not only is it important for us that the surroundings are special, but I believe that as a leisure operator, you have to offer something for every target group on the campsite. The sports field is particularly intended for the youth, but of course, it has just as much to offer families."

In 2020, we spoke to son Arno Uithol. He is still happy with the sports field. Arno: "The sports field still looks excellent and is used often by our camping guests. The sports field is in a central location where young people gather to play a game of football or basketball together. Our animation team regularly uses the sports field for various activities."

Themed Sona - a striking eye-catcher!

Since 2018, the themed Sona has stood close to the entrance of Camping de Pampel. This play arch surprises you from all sides. Walk under it, press the button, and play! Arno: "We get a lot of nice reactions about the interactive arch. It's a great addition to our campsite. The play equipment is deliberately located at the entrance because its size and appearance make it a real eye-catcher, and it, therefore, deserves a nice spot on our campsite."

"We spotted the Sona at the Recreation Trade Fair. While playing, I thought: this is cool! And many different games match the target group of our campsite." Arno Uithol - co-owner of Camping de Pampel

Always children playing under the Sona

Once you have purchased a Sona, you can access My Yalp. My Yalp is an online tool/platform where you can manage your interactive equipment and find and download the latest games. In addition, you can view all data on the use of your equipment by visitors here. Arno: "The Sona has a wide range of games. You can go either way with the game content. Since this year, we automatically alternate the games by gameroulette. This is a great example of a good development within My Yalp's software. Another nice addition is that you can view the statistics. Although I don't look at these often because I believe the Sona has good playing hours. After all, when I pass it, there are always children playing underneath".

A playground features an orange water play arch with a deer figure on top. Several children in swimsuits play with the water jets underneath the arch. An elderly person sits on a bench nearby, observing the children. Trees and a thatched structure are in the background.
A young girl plays on an interactive water feature shaped like an orange arch with a cartoon animal figure on top. The water feature is located in a park area with trees and benches. A man sits on a bench nearby, and there are bicycles and buildings in the background.
The image depicts a statue of a deer's head with large antlers, mounted on an orange base. The sky in the background is overcast, and the statue appears to be made of a glossy material, giving it a shiny appearance.
A colorful playground game painted on the pavement features a sequential number path from 1 to 9 surrounding a yellow star. Numbers are enclosed in circles with various colors: green, yellow, blue, and orange. A cartoonish reindeer head is depicted at the bottom.

Even the floor of the Sona-themed

Camping de Pampel's Sona stands out in particular because it is themed. It was a conscious choice by Camping de Pampel to match the interactive play arch to the rest of the campsite. Arno: "The colour and the deer head match the style of our campsite perfectly. From floor to the look of the Sona, everything is a nice match".

Two children play on a circular playground structure with wooden posts and white-painted patterns on green turf. In the background are trees, parked cars, and a caravan. The setting appears to be an outdoor recreational area with a relaxed atmosphere.

Interactive Memo placed in 2022 

Next to the sports field, the campsite installed the wooden Memo in 2022. Like the Sona, the Memo is also an interactive playground equipment with many games to choose from in the online My Yalp environment. All Memo games are a mix of fun, active exercise and education—a valuable and fun addition to the campsite. Thanks to the internet connection, the number of playing hours is precisely tracked; in 2022, as many as 510 hours were played on the Memo. A great success!

An outdoor sports facility with a fenced-in multi-use court is surrounded by a grassy area and trees. Several people play basketball on the court, which has goals and nets for soccer and other sports. Various vehicles are parked in the background near the trees.
Two young girls are interacting with a tall, cylindrical interactive display in an outdoor recreational area. Behind them, there is a grass field, a car, a camper trailer, and people sitting at a picnic table. The scene is set in a park with trees in the background.
A group of people, including children and adults, play a game of soccer on a small, enclosed, artificial grass field surrounded by camping trailers and greenery. One adult stands on the field wearing a gray tank top and denim shorts. Trees and RVs are in the background.
A child with blond hair, wearing a black hoodie, is playing outside near two wooden posts with blue LED lights. The scene is set in a park or campground with green grass, a stone path, and several tents and caravans in the background.

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