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The old tennis court is replaced by Toro, Memo and a new basketball court

Over the past thirty years, there has been a noticeable shift in recreational preferences. At Vakantiepark Bergumermeer, the once-popular tennis courts have seen a decline in usage. Owners Fokko Jr. and his father observed this trend and took action. A few years ago, they replaced one of the tennis courts with a football pitch, reflecting the changing interests of the campsite's visitors. Now, it's time to make another change.

Sumar, The Netherlands
Lappset Nederland
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Activities for children aged between 12 and 16

The remaining tennis court at Vakantiepark Bergumermeer will be replaced with a modern play and sports field. This decision aligns with the evolving recreational needs of the campsite, ensuring that the facilities continue to cater to the preferences of those who visit.

Fun activities for different age groups are important for a campsite. Fokko Eijbergen: "We had been looking for a long time for an activity that is fun for children between 14 and 16 years old. And that is terribly difficult because children need to stay stimulated and challenged. Internet on the computer and mobile play an important role in these children's lives. What do you offer these children at the campsite?"

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When Fokko came into contact with Lappset Nederland, he already had his eye on the Toro interactive sports arena. "I immediately thought that was a nice playing field for children who like football." Recreation consultant Marc van den Burg had three designs made on that basis in combination with other equipment. "Ultimately, we went for the extended design that also included the Memo and a basketball court. We liked the Memo for the children who don't like football. And I knew some people played basketball, but I hadn't expected it to be this popular."

Why an interactive device?

"We chose interactive devices because the games have a lot of variety. It allows children to choose a new game every time. We find that children are looking for challenges and that games can quickly get boring. With the interactive devices, there is a wide choice of games. We also have many guests from Germany. The ability to change the language to German is very handy for that. By pressing the button for a few seconds, guests can change the language themselves, which is ideal!"

Children don't run out of things to do

When you make a new purchase as a campsite owner, you always hope it will catch on with your guests. That's an exciting choice! Fokko: "It's a big investment that you hope the children will like. Fortunately, I have received only positive reactions. Fathers, mothers and the children are very enthusiastic. I even have to send the children off the pitch in the evening. Surely, that is the biggest compliment that it is catching on!"

"At the Toro arena, really everyone participates parents, siblings and friends. All ages participate. The field is actually used much more than just by the 14 to 16 age group, for which we were looking for an activity."

It has become a meeting place

The sports field was busy last summer. "The great thing is that the arena has also taken on a social aspect at the campsite. Parents talk to each other, so the children also get to know each other. In the beginning, you see children coming to the field alone or in pairs, and after a week, you see that they all interact with each other. It has really become a meeting place."

"Exceeds my expectations"

At Lappset NederlandsLappset Nederl, satisfied customers make us happy; at Bergumermeer, we certainly succeeded! When asked: Has it become what you expected it to be? Answered Fokko: "Yes, definitely! My expectations were actually much lower than how it turned out. I knew what I was getting, but you can't be sure if it will catch on. It is special to see that the sports field has so much appeal to our guests. The field is used much more than before. And I didn't expect that parents too would like it so much. That's really nice to see."