Senior Sport spot on a beach

Sport equipment for active aging

Senior Sport equipment strengthens the motor skills and manual dexterity of the elderly. They offer sensible forms of activity, which also enhances mental well-being. Training muscle tone, balance and motor skills are good for the elderly, both mentally and physically.

Confidence through physical training 

Geriatric research has shown that the fear of falling increases the actual risk of doing so. Thus, increasing confidence through physical training can create a positive spiral. Active ageing exercises also guarantee senior citizens a more independent control over their lives. When you have no problems buttoning up your shirt or doing your everyday shopping, you know you have better control over your own life.

Movement for everyone

Senior parks fulfill our mission to have people of all ages moving. The idea behind Senior Sport is also to offer different generations a natural way of spending time together.

Therefore, this range of equipment has been designed on the basis of research data collected on the everyday lives of the elderly and children in day care. In other words, the Senior Sport area is the perfect place for children and grandparents to play together.

Senior Sport therapy sports area in Vught, The Netherlands

Senior Sport therapy sports area in Vught, The Netherlands

Senior Park Finland

Ageing actively in an increasingly inactive world

It’s no secret that as we age, our bodies begin to lose their virility and strength. It’s also true that the older one gets, the likelihood of losing similarly aged friends and loved ones increases due to natural causes; leading to a more isolated and less socially active existence.

What if, though, through a means of providing a physically activating and socially inclusive outdoor recreation space, could communities begin to address these issues and provide senior citizens an outlet to maintain their physical abilities, while also establishing regular periods of socialization and interaction?

These are the points that the ENJOY project in Australia identified and sought to address through their study, conducted in 2021.

Senior Sport park in a yard of the Health Center in Hausjärvi, Finland

The Senior Park in the yard of the Health Center is very widely used by the customers. Also the other citizens of the municipality are very welcome to exercise and meet people. The Senior Park is located in Hausjärvi, Finland.

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Senior Sport park in Hausjärvi, Finland

Senior Sport park in Hausjärvi, Finland

Senior Sport equipment