A boy is using his phone to access the Yalp+ web app.


Unlock endless possibilities with Yalp+! Enjoy more play possibilities with a free (web)app for Lappset Interactive playground equipment. Whether you're looking to learn a new game, compete with your friends, or join a fun activity, Yalp+ has the answer. Bring your playground to life with Yalp+ and unlock endless possibilities today!

How does Yalp+ work?

1. Scan the QR sticker

  • Use your camera app to scan the QR Code for super-fast access
  • Click on the link to open the website
  • Or go to the website: https://app.yalp.com

2. Discover the app & find an interactive

  • It’s free for everyone
  • Displays all interactive products nearby
  • Select one and see what you can play
  • Create an account to store your progress

3. Have fun!

  • Learn the rules of a game and start a game remotely
  • A score will automatically appear on the app. Put the score on your name by selecting it
  • Discover activities nearby
Yalp+ sticker can be found on every Interactive playset

Yalp+ sticker can be found on every Interactive playset

Activities near you!

  • Promote high-score and non-high-score games
  • Play a game, select a product, and the score will magically appear for you
  • Add a big screen to promote a high-score competition
  • Visit the app on a desktop

Promote your location with Yalp+ through an activity! How cool is that?! With the help of Yalp+, it’s easy to realize. The app shows you which activities are near you and which activities you can expect. See past events that have already taken place and see if you are a winner. If you want to know more about activities, visit the news page in the web app!

Are you the manager of an interactive, and do you want to organize your own event? Please contact us for the possibilities!

Teenagers are using the Yalp+ app to find an interactive playset

Teenagers are using the Yalp+ app to find an interactive playset

What you should know

Game explanation

In the Yalp+ app, you can access the rules of the available games on the interactive playsets you're visiting. You'll also find details like the game's duration, the number of players it can accommodate, and relevant information from My Yalp and the Yalp Store. This extensive resource provides everything you need to kickstart your gaming experience. Furthermore, if videos or photos are available for a particular game, Yalp+ displays these descriptions to give you an even clearer picture of what to expect.


Enter the ultimate competition! Every week the list of scores is reset. That means that every week you have a chance to claim your place in the top 3!

Did you make it to the top 3? Check the current high scores!


Explore the map, which shows all the Yalp Interactive products and how to reach them. You can easily swipe through the nearest locations!

  • Explore the map or search for a location​
  • Select a product to check out which games are available
  • Find current activities near you
  • Every product dynamically displays the correct games and content

Remote Feature

Once you’re within 100 meters of the product, you can use Yalp+ to start a game or switch between games.

Some interactive products offer games in different languages. Using Yalp+, you can switch between the available languages! No more need to press the start button.

Girl using the iPad to access Yalp+

Scan | Explore | Play!

Now that you know what to do. Find the nearest interactive, find out how to play, and enjoy the extra features in Yalp+. Maybe even participate in an activity near you.

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