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Our vision and strategy

Our dream is to strengthen the heartbeat of more than a billion people by 2030. Take a look at our strategy to find out how we are going to achieve it.

Our mission

Our mission at Lappset is to improve the well-being of the world by creating inspiring pla(y)ces that stretch the imagination, foster learning, respect nature, and encourage activity for all mankind.

We aim to be the leading playground and sports solutions and services provider, creating well-being and encouraging people all over the world to move, play, learn, use their imagination, and experience joy when using our products.

We embrace equality and inclusivity - thus we concentrate on designing spaces with easy use and accessibility to people of all ages and abilities. We aim to provide solutions to all levels of expertise and physical abilities, from playgrounds to sports fields to parkour parks.

Our values

Growth is our passion. The growth of the company is a key business issue but we also consider Growth as a wider value: growth through play is important to children as they learn and develop whilst playing, and growth is something we all should embrace as professionals and human beings.

Sustainability is in our DNA. A core value ever since the company was established in 1970. Today, this value is even more important in the production, functions, and lifecycle of the products, as well as in governance and social responsibility.

Respect and motivate. Our fundamental way of treating each other at work. This value also extends beyond our own employees; with our actions and offering we respect and motivate our customers, partners, all stakeholders, and the society around us.

Success is our pleasure. Successes are important to celebrate, be they little or big ones. And we like to celebrate them together, as a team.

Girls playing on a playground.

Girls playing on a playground.

Movement for every heartbeat

Lappset's strategy is to create well-being in the world

Through our work for play, exercise, and togetherness, we want to create environments that inspire, foster learning, respect nature and encourage people of all ages to be active. We do this responsibly and by constantly improving our activities to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and the users of our products. Our goal is to strengthen the heartbeat of a billion people by 2030.