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Supply chain management

Our supply chain is managed by Lappset Group Procurement. It’s our company-wide function responsible for the sourcing of raw materials for production, traded products, other materials and services, purchases for projects, and logistics for all business areas. The Group Procurement organization has solid expertise in the most important products and services such as sawn timber material, metal products, chemicals, plastics, logistics, and installation services.


Group Procurement’s mission is to create and sustain a responsible and competitive supplier base that enhances Lappset Group’s competitiveness and provides added value for our customers.

Supplier relationships

Suppliers are an important part of our value chain. Group Procurement promotes Lappset Group’s success by building lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers, and utilizing suppliers’ expertise and competence in their own field. We enter long-term co-operation with selected suppliers to optimize cost, quality, sustainability and innovation.

Close co-operation with suppliers ensures the efficiency, transparency and responsibility of the entire supply chain. With our suppliers and service providers we are together responsible for ensuring that our customers can rely on the quality and safety of our products.

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Sustainable sourcing

Lappset Group is committed to conduct and develop its business responsibly, sustainably and with integrity. We expect all parties in the supply chain to comply with Corporate Social Responsibility terms. Get acquainted with our ethical guidelines in Lappset code of conduct and our principles of responsibility on our Sustainability pages.

Sustainability at Lappset

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Procurement policy

Procurement Policy sets out the policies and principles under which Lappset Group carries out procurement operations.

Lappset Group's General conditions of purchase

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New Suppliers

Suppliers who are interested in cooperating with Lappset Group are kindly invited to fill in their contact details in the eSourcing tool. Suppliers are selected on the basis that they comply with our Corporate Social Responsibility terms and General conditions of purchase, are reliable, competitive, capable, sustainable and committed to meeting our expectations.

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