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Media Relations

Lappset's relationship with society and the media is based on openness and transparency. Our own news and press releases are published in our newsroom, and we cooperate with a variety of journalists, researchers and experts to create articles and blog posts on topics that make our hearts beat faster.

Lappset's Group Communications team is responsible for PR and media relations at Lappset. Below you can find our contact information. Don't hesitate to contact us about media coverage, pictures or other publishable materials.

Are you interested in writing about Lappset?

For editorial content, please contact the Group’s communications team. We are happy to help you with matters such as interview requests, topics of articles, TV and video shoots and press releases. In Finland, we usually also publish our press releases via the Finnish National News Agency. Our media bank is freely accessible to the media (link below). Please mention the source (Lappset Group Ltd / photographer) when publishing photographs.

Lappset Group Communications

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Irma KuukasjärviHead of Group CommunicationsCorporate communications, media relations, PR, Board of Directors, Management Team, Business Development (Digital Marketing) +358 40 481 4543
contact person
Sara Wagner-PrennerSpecialist, Communications and AdminWorkplace communications, media bank, marketing communications, Consulary assistant +358 40 631 0140
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