A sepia-toned photograph of a man holding a baby dressed in winter clothing. The man is smiling at the baby, who is wearing a knit hat with a pom-pom and ski goggles. Both appear to be enjoying a cold day outside, with a few people in the snowy background.

Our heritage

The story of Lappset began in 1970, when Antero Ikäheimo noticed that the playgrounds were poorly equipped and set up a family-run company manufacturing wooden playground equipment. He wanted to create a warmer and softer play environment for his children, and so Lappset was born. In the picture, Antero is holding in his arms his eldest daughter Johanna, who is now the Chairman of the Board of Lappset Group.

The Story of Lappset

Lappset is a play on words, from the Finnish the word “lapset” meaning children, and the combination of Lap- from Lapland and a Set- from a set of equipment.

Antero's vision was to provide inspirational playground equipment that would encourage children to play outdoors. His passion for outdoor play soon spread around the world, and today Lappset Group is one of the leading playground design companies in the world.

Headquartered and manufactured in the enchanting hometown of Santa Claus - Rovaniemi in northern Finland – Lappset is committed to operating consciously with an ethical and sustainable approach. Nature has always been a good advocator of our choice of materials and design. Northern pine, the main raw material used, is an environmentally friendly choice with a negative carbon footprint. The iconic clover-shaped wooden post also featured in Lappset logo, was invented as an employee of Lappset discovered that this is the ideal shape for the durability of the wooden posts.

For over 50 years, Lappset has been providing innovative products that are designed with safety, usability, and fun in mind. From wooden playgrounds to modern exercise equipment and digital innovations, Lappset has something for everyone.

Today, Antero’s legacy lives on through his family-run business which continues to inspire generations of children to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.

Lappset. Movement for every heartbeat.

A timeline titled "Lappset's milestones" with key events from 1970 to 2020. Highlights include exports to 25 countries, corporate name change, founding of Santapark, family ownership, introduction of interactive play attractions, and 50th anniversary.

Explore some of the milestones on Lappset's 54-year long journey.

Three children play on a wooden structure shaped like a train engine in a grassy area with trees and a playground in the background. One child is climbing, another is sitting on top, and the third is crouching inside.
Children are playing on a wooden playground set. One child is climbing a net, another is hanging from monkey bars, and another is on a ladder. The playground is built on a sandy ground with wooden structures, including a playhouse and climbing frame.
A playground featuring a large wooden play structure with slides, rope bridges, and climbing areas. Several children are playing, climbing, and running on and around the structure on a sandy ground. Trees and residential buildings are visible in the background.
Two young children are playing in an outdoor playground. One child, dressed in a pink dress and holding a blue toy, is sitting on a wooden surface. The other child, wearing a plaid shirt and jeans, is standing next to an amusement ride, smiling at the camera.
A glimpse at Lappset's history