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Lappset Group Ltd is a financially stable Finnish business, which has the second-highest AA credit rating. On this page, you can find our invoicing information, browse our financial reports, and read about our latest financial results.

Business ID and e-invoicing address

Please look after the environment and send us your bills electronically! Lappset Group Ltd’s e-invoicing operator is Pagero Oy, whose operator ID is 003723609900 or PAGERO.

Business ID: 9126694-6

E-invoicing address: 003791266946

If you are unable to produce e-invoices, you can use our billing portal. Lappset Group Ltd has a billing portal provided by Pagero Oy. Instructions for logging in and using the service as well as contact details can be found at www.pagero.fi/lappset. The portal can be used to produce invoices free of charge, and the project code is FreePortal_Lappset.

For more information about submitting e-invoices and saving the e-invoicing address in your system, contact your own e-invoicing operator’s customer service, your bank or your accountant. The routing of e-invoices between different operators is described on the Finnish Information Society Development Centre’s website at www.verkkolaskuosoite.fi.

Our accounts department is happy to provide more information. Contact us!


Lappset's financial statement 2022

Lappset Group's result better than expected in 2022

Lappset Group's result for last year is the third best in its 53-year history. The group's turnover was 66 million euros, which was almost in line with the forecast. Operating profit (Ebita) was 3.5 MEUR, which in turn was 0.9 MEUR more than budgeted and better than the previous year. The group's net profit after taxes and goodwill amortization was EUR 2.8 million, almost at the level of 2019 and one million better than the previous year.

"The result was clearly better than expected. Turnover increased by 6.3% compared to the previous year. The efficiency of operations, the increase in costs, and the related cost-saving measures improved profitability," CEO Tero Ylinenpää says.

The current year has started with many uncertainties, the latest being the budding financial crisis. The war in Ukraine continues, bringing instability to the world situation.

"A long-lasting winter affects sales and product installations in the Nordic countries. In addition, the war in Ukraine can affect the market in Europe. In terms of costs, the lower level of energy prices is positive. It lowers the cost structure. Correspondingly, a rapid rise in interest rates increases financing costs," Tero Ylinenpää states.

I have many reasons to be happy with the financial result of the Group in 2022

Several different factors contributed to the positive result. Rising prices and costs were a common global phenomenon. Fixed costs were kept in check except for a slight increase at the end of the year. Energy costs rose unusually strongly in the fall. Despite these, the 2022 result was a pleasant surprise. Among the subsidiaries, Fantasia Works Oy in Kuopio surprised with its very good result. In accordance with our slogan launched last year, many areas of the business offered heart-warming moments of play, exercise, and togetherness. A better-than-expected result warms our hearts. I want to thank all our customers, partners and staff for the good work done together and our successful result.

- Tero Ylinenpää, CEO, Lappset Group