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Interactive Product Catalogue

Browse our Lappset Interactive product catalogue to discover ideal solutions for designing your play, fitness, and outdoor spaces. Download our catalogue and explore the diverse options that transform your space into a centre of creativity and joy.

Published: 23 January 2024, edited: 13 February 2024
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Are you interested in creating a space that sparks joy and adventure for everyone?

At Lappset, we believe interactive play transcends boundaries—providing an ideal interface between the digital and physical world. No matter your nationality, language preference, or user needs, our inclusive and intuitive gaming solutions extend a universal invitation to explore while adapting levels of difficulty for any individual player’s ability. If that wasn’t enough, each product is designed with green power technology, which makes it easy to fit into any location! Our playgrounds redefine inclusion—providing all users with an equal opportunity to challenge themselves and take advantage of the excitement that play brings. With barrier-free entry for everyone, Lappset Interactive products promote movement for every heartbeat!

Download our Lappset Interactive product catalogue here