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The nine do's and don'ts of playground design

At Lappset, we have our own design team. This team can transform client requests into a unique and appropriate design, considering necessities such as drop zones and surfaces, walkways, accessibility, safety, and more.

Published: 15 July 2020, edited: 9 May 2023

Read more about the nine do's and don'ts in this blog during the design process!

  • Expanding an existing playground or sports field
  • The Entrance
  • Consider the existing components
  • What are the desires
  • Determine your target audience
  • The appearance of the playground and sports field
  • Think sustainable!

Extension of an existing playground or sports field

1) Expansion of an existing playground or sports field. Consider the existing location. Ultimately, it's about the overall atmosphere and look of the place.

Do: Look closely at the existing site to see what equipment is there and what new equipment would be a good fit.

Don't: Write off old equipment right away. We can refurbish a piece of equipment to fit in with the surroundings.

2) The Entrance Where is the entrance to the playground/sports field? Is this the desired entrance for your site, or is another location better? Once you have determined this correctly, you can consider the placement of all playground and sports equipment.

Do: Make sure that the view from the entrance is attractive. Of course, this is extremely tempting!

Don't: Do not place a unique device with its back facing the entrance.

3. Consider the existing components For example, are there trees present? Consider any tree roots when installing playground and sports equipment. Trees also provide shade. Showing shaded areas for breaks is desirable in places where it can get very hot.

Do: Take advantage of existing landscape features such as trees and embankments.

Don't: Unnecessary alterations to the natural environment, such as cutting down trees.

The wishes of your target group

4. What are the wishes? Survey the desires, not only of yourself but also of the end users. If there is a need to play soccer in a residential area, consider that need. Also, consider the age group of the end users when selecting equipment.

If you address the needs of the end users, you can create a place that will appeal to them and therefore become successful.

Do: Conduct a survey to learn what residents and end users want, for example.

Don't: Ignore the wishes of your residents and end users.

5: Determine the target group that will visit the playground. Get to know your target audience. Are you talking about children playing from 6 to 12 or a playground and sports field from 0 to 99? Should the focus be more on sports or play? Are they beginners or advanced players?

Do: Determine your target audience so you can make better design and sourcing decisions. To better determine your target audience, you can talk to others. e.g., residents, sports clubs, or schools

Wishes and requirements

6. What possibilities do you want to offer at the venue? Will you opt for sports or games? Or a combination of both? Sports include soccer, free running, tennis, badminton, and fitness equipment for seniors or field hockey—with games, for example, cycling, skating, climbing, and sliding. In addition, of course, think about rest areas with benches or a watering hole.

Do: Place benches within sight of the playground equipment to attract more visitors to the play area. This way, children can play, and parents can watch in peace.

7. Appearance of the playground and sports field What kind of atmosphere do you want to give off? Do you have a specific theme? You can theme and customize the interactive sports and games equipment and flooring in various ways. Opt for a green Lappset Sona Interactive dance and play arch to match the natural environment, or go for a Yalp Rainbow Sona, a real eye-catcher!

Any thoughts on the flooring? You can add your logo or incorporate a specific theme into the flooring to match the custom design.

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Description Design where there are multiple sports and play options to choose from:

A. Interactive multipurpose sports field

B: A meeting place for teenagers

C: Running track

D: Basketball court

E: Interactive playground

F: Parkour facility

G: Volley/football sports field

H: Calisthenics facility

Last steps!

8. Think sustainably!

Do: Think consciously about the future. Playgrounds are fantastic places in the public realm that will shape the landscape for many years to come. Do you anticipate changes in the neighbourhood, such as the opening of a new school or recreation or sports club? Take this into account in the design. Think about energy consumption, and use green energy wherever possible. For example, several communities already have a solar-powered interactive playgrounds.

Our Green Solution: Lappset Solar

Do Contact Us

9. Would you like more information and a free design for your playground and sports area?

DO: Contact us!

Do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you, and the design office is ready to start planning!

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