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Sustainable development by making wise choices

Lappset has been a pioneer in environmental issues since the day it was founded in 1970. Supporting sustainable development remains a central part of our philosophy. It is evident in every sector of our activities, from material acquisitions to production and transportation.

Wood from certified forests

Lappset uses Finnish pine in its products sourced from forests with strictly managed principles of sustainable development. Finland has plenty of such wood available, as up to 85% of the nation’s commercial forests belong to the certified PEFC system. PEFC is the world’s largest sustainable development system for forest management. Certification requires for forest management to be ecologically, socially and economically sustainable, and shall not permanently compromise the
living opportunities for future generations. National PEFC criteria specify concrete details for implementation of these prerequisites for each nation.


Quality products endure

High-quality, long-living products are also integral to principles of sustainable development. Lappset’s products are designed and manufactured to endure tough use from one generation to the next. However, this goal is not achieved without wood preservation that extends the lifecycle of wooden products threefold compared to untreated wood. In the preservation of wood, we only use wood preservers that comply with the ISO 14001 environmental standard.

Wellbeing from nature

According to a study conducted by Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)‏‏‏‎, almost every Finn has nature experiences. These experiences can be swimming by the summer cottage, a bead of sweat on your forehead when searching for cloudberries from the swamps, or perhaps a walk along the fitness trails in the nearby forest after a day at work. In any case, after a nature experience you often feel relaxed and revitalised.

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Flora playground in Raseborg, Finland

This beautiful, nature playground is situated in Raseborg, Finland.

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Lappset flora climbing track
Artists Park playground Australia

Environmental values and sustainable development are important values not only for landscape architects and designers, but also for clients and families with children. Flora is Lappset’s answer to the demand for natural play.

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Lappset MyDesign playground
Themed playground in Athens, Greece

Themed playground in Athens, Greece

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