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Sustainable design

Responsibility begins on the design board. Product design is a multidimensional and multiphase process that should consider the circular economy from the outset.

We think that product and service design should pay attention to materials, manufacturing, delivery, installation, maintenance and servicing all the way up to potential reuse or recycling. In other words, throughout a product’s entire lifecycle from design to the end of its useful life.

We only use the best materials in terms of use and durability.

  • Wood is a versatile, durable and beautiful material whose useful life can be further extended with easy maintenance.
  • Metal legs will further extend a product’s lifespan.
  • High-pressure laminate sheets come with a 20-year warranty.
  • We use very little concrete in our products.
  • Our products are designed to minimise waste in production. For example, leftover pieces of laminated sheets are used in small-scale play-related functions.

Our products are designed to be easy to service and maintain

  • Parts can easily be separated from each other, for either maintenance or replacement.
  • Our spare parts service will provide spare parts for products that are up to ten years old, but these same parts will often be suitable for much older products as well.
  • All parts are easy to recycle.

Product design also pays attention to packaging and transportation.

  • Our products are designed to be modular,
  • and they are tightly packed to avoid transporting air.

We are continually developing our operations.

  • We are using the LEAN operating model to continually seek new areas for development that will make our products even more environmentally friendly.
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