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Fighting climate change

Our everyday choices – Lappset fights climate change

In order to curb climate change, we have taken action to reduce energy consumption and increase recycling. Here are a few of the measures that we have introduced at our Rovaniemi and Tallinn factories over the last few years.

Rovaniemi factory

  • Since 2018, we have been gradually replacing our diesel forklifts with electric forklifts. Our entire forklift fleet will gradually be switched over to electric vehicles. This change will have a positive impact on ergonomics, comfort and indoor air at the factory, and will also reduce fuel consumption.
  • Changes to internal logistics in production areas have reduced the distances that forklifts need to drive, for example, by locating the inspection area right next to reception. This also has a positive impact on the flow rate of components.
  • Lighting has been updated in production and storage areas, and the number of these new LED lights will be gradually increased. Energy consumption is decreasing.
  • The lighting in storage areas has been changed from on/off switches to motion detectors, which reduces electricity consumption. Lighting based on motion detectors will be introduced gradually.
  • We have already been recycling pallets and plastic film packaging for several years.
  • Our wood protection now uses boron-free substances.
  • We have achieved a significant annual reduction in waste by using sedimentation to treat the wastewater that is generated when our wood production painting line is washed.
  • Any surplus timber that is rejected during quality assurance is recycled by the City of Rovaniemi’s district heating facility next door, where it is used as heating energy for buildings.

Tallinn factory

  • In July 2019, our Tallinn factory replaced its old ON-OFF cooling equipment with new inverter-based equipment. Our Estonian factory needs a great deal of cooling energy, and savings are being achieved via more accurate and optimised equipment control.
  • We have switched to a zinc-free base coat in the powder coating of metal components. This means that any surplus powder can be recovered and reused in the painting process, thereby reducing waste.
  • We have also replaced the radiant heaters in the powder coating oven with more energy-saving models.
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