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12 interfaces with the UN’s global goals

Our business is closely linked to the health and wellbeing of people of all ages. In our sustainability work, we have identified twelve interfaces with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Read more about the UN’s global goals.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 3: 

Our playground and exercise equipment, amateur and competitive sports areas, themed activity parks and outdoor furniture are directly linked to this goal, that is, to promoting the health and wellbeing of people of all ages through play, exercise, sport and spending time together.

Goal 4:

High-quality education. Studies have shown that children will learn the important motor, cognitive, social and interpersonal skills that they will need later in life through play. Our product range contains plenty of interactive playground and exercise equipment that supports learning. Kindergartens and schools know that outdoor exercise promotes learning and the development of motor skills, improves physical condition, and has an impact on brain function. It’s always good to get some fresh air!

Goal 5:

Gender equality. Play and exercise should be open to everyone, regardless of age, gender, ethnic background or culture. We have designed our product range to support equal opportunities for play, exercise and spending time together. Our products pay attention to inclusivity in order to provide equal environments for everyone, including people with a range of restrictions.

Goal 7:

Energy. We use electricity, gas and hydropower in the manufacture of our products. We aim to use the cleanest and most ecologically generated energy in both our production and offices.

Goal 8:

Working conditions and economic growth. Our factories are located in the Nordic countries and Estonia, where standards for working conditions are regulated by law. The relevant authorities regularly audit working conditions, such as safety at work, ergonomics, freedom of association, remuneration criteria and legislation on working hours. In our subcontractor network, we strive to ensure that our partners comply with both international agreements and their own national legislation and regulations governing working conditions. Safe and functional working conditions coupled with a good working atmosphere enable diversity, the adoption of new technologies and the birth of innovation, which will in turn promote economic sustainability.

Goal 9:

Industry, innovation and infrastructure. We contribute to the development of our industry through, for example, membership in the Europe-wide cooperation organisation FEPI(Federation of European Play Industry). Lappset also has a positive impact on industry development by harnessing clean and environmentally friendly technologies and production processes. We have also introduced pioneering innovations, such as products that combine technology with physical play and exercise.

Goal 11:

Responsible cities and communities. We support urban environments and communities by creating long-term play, exercise and sports environments that are inclusive and accessible to people of all ages and with a variety of restrictions.

Goal 12:

Responsible consumption and production. The responsible use of natural resources and governance that supports sensible and sustainable development are two of our key principles. The appropriate use and recycling of the chemicals and other raw materials used in our production processes supports sustainability.

Goal 13:

Climate. The products we manufacture have long lifespans. Our PlayCare service follows the principles of the circular economy in everything from installation to condition inspections, maintenance, repair, platform cleaning and recycling. Regular maintenance will further extend the lifespans of our products, thereby promoting sustainability. In our production facilities and offices, we seek to develop energy-efficient solutions that will reduce carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption.

Goal 15:

Life on Earth. Our products use wood as a raw material. It is produced in sustainably managed Finnish forests. Our PEFC Chain of Custody management certificate verifies the origin of our raw timber. Our product solutions support the health and wellbeing of people of all ages. Safe, functional and durable playgrounds and exercise areas, amateur and competitive sports fields, themed activity parks, and park and street furniture get millions of people moving all across the world.

Goal 16:

Peace, fairness and institutions. We seek to prevent and fight corruption and bribery in all of their forms. 

Goal 17:

Partners. We know that our partner network and other cooperation with stakeholders are important elements in our mission to promote sustainable development.

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