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Sustainable development by making wise choices
10 good deeds

Our products also factor in the needs of people with various kinds of disabilities and restrictions (Design for All, Inclusive Design).

Lappset’s products are designed, manufactured, packaged and transported in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Our use of durable and recyclable materials enables us to save energy and raw materials, and to reduce transport emissions. Our products are designed to have a useful life of at least 15 years.

The diesel forklifts at Lappset’s Rovaniemi factory will gradually be replaced by electric forklifts, six of which are already in use.

Students at the Korkalovaara school in Rovaniemi came up with the idea for what may be the world’s first outdoor classroom that uses solar panels to produce the energy it needs. Lappset helped with the design, product and platform selection, and actual installation of the outdoor classroom.

Our focus is on the long term, which helps to build wellbeing in our community.

Lapland companies need international business experts with language and cultural skills, which is why Lappset is supporting the Lapland University of Applied Sciences with a EUR 5,000 donation.

We use PEFC™-certified northern pine.

We do not accept the use of child labour or forced labour in any form, either in our own business or by anyone in our supply chain.

Looking after the environment and supporting sustainable development are integral to Lappset’s quality and business philosophy.