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Our PlayCare maintenance service puts your mind at ease about the safety and condition of your facility. You can commission a one-off inspection or sign a maintenance contract.

As a PlayCare customer, you can concentrate on being a responsible playground owner.

Find out more about our range of services below!



Maintenance and spare parts

Play products require professional servicing to function reliably and safely.

Our maintenance service is available for Lappset products and equipment supplied by other manufacturers. Our service guarantees original parts that are right for the equipment and fitted by professionals. Maintenance combined with our inspection service is a carefree solution especially for multiple property and park owners.


PlayCare inspections are aimed at assessing the technical condition of play and sport equipment and identifying faults. Play and sport facilities must, by law, be safe and comply with standards.

Dangerous situations can be prevented efficiently by regular safety inspections and by repairing any faults identified in reports. If an unfortunate accident does happen, the owner of the playground or sport park is always ultimately responsible for safety. You can sleep easy when you have professionals helping you to ensure the safety of your facility.

Download acceptance inspection records

All playgrounds and sport parks require an appropriate base, and the floor material plays an extremely important role in the safety of the entire facility.

A properly laid safety surface protects from falls, lowers the risk of stumbling or slipping and can also act as an aesthetic or instructive element. Measuring helps you ensure that the floor meets the relevant safety requirements and also helps avoid unnecessary investment in new floor materials.


Our most extensive project management service takes care of assembling equipment, preparing the ground, laying safety tiles, putting the finishing touches on the facility, carrying out acceptance inspections and managing all aspects of the project.

There are several stages to building a playground or sport park, which cannot always be predicted and the final cost can therefore come as a surprise. Our long experience ensures the best possible end result for you without unpleasant surprises.

New Life

Our New Life service reinvigorates a worn-out playground or sport park and restores its appeal, when your old set-up no longer meets today’s needs and requirements.

The service lengthens the life of your facility and increases the attractiveness, desirability and usability of the surrounding area. Above all, the safety of the facility improves and the useful life of the products is significantly extended, which also boosts the value and desirability of the property. The New Life service is also an excellent alternative to building a new playground or sport park. The service lets you spend only a fraction of what new equipment would cost.


Do you need help assembling equipment? Assembling play and sport products often raises questions about safety and durability.

Our experienced and highly professional assembly team know what to take into account when planning assembly and layout. We ensure that the assembly heights and foundation depths match the work specifications and that the angles on products such as slides and ramps comply with safety standards.

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