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Our MyDesign service helps you to introduce modifications to our standard products.

Themed playground equipment

Bring stories to life with themed playgrounds

  • Invite children to play different roles, practice expressing emotions and train their communicating and social skills.
  • Themed playgrounds often become landmarks. "Mum, let's go to the farm playground!"
  • We are able to theme most of our standard play equipment according to your wishes.
MyDesign Gallery - Browse customised product solutions

Solutions for different needs

Flexibility with MyDesign service

  • Colour makes a difference. Choose your favourite colour, brand colour or something extravagant!
  • We have a wide portfolio of play functions to choose from.
  • If a standard product doesn't fit in your layout plan, we can modify the product to fit the space available.
  • Need for something branded? We are happy to apply your brand colours and look to the solution.

Bringing play indoors

Enhance customer experience with customised playgrounds

  • Happy kids have happy parents!
  • Branded playgrounds for shopping malls.
  • Customised play corners for restaurants and gas stations.
  • Fun and educational learning environments for schools.

Customisation is easy and quick

Modular product structure enables flexibility

  • Our experienced mydesigners are familiar with safety standards and have deep understanding on practical playground safety, making sure that the product is best possible combination of safety and excitement.
  • Play functions used are same as in standard products, taking into account all the aspects of children's development as well as being fun to use!
  • In most cases, we are able to deliver customised products in almost the same time as our standard products.

Interested to hear more about our design services?

Find your local specialist from our international distributor network.

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Some examples of custom-made MyDesign -products
3 steps to realize your great idea into a spectacular themed area!
Three steps to a perfect themed area
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