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These warranty terms cover the products and components manufactured by Lappset as specified below.

The warranty starts on the day the product is delivered from the Lappset Group factory. The warranty is valid only on the condition that the foundation, installation and maintenance work have been carried out and documented according to Lappset Group's instructions. A logbook of the handover inspection and documents for maintenance work carried out have to be presented, if necessary.


20 years

» steel components and structures

» elements made of high pressure laminate (HPL)

» Linax-treated parts


15 years

» preserved wooden parts with no ground contact

» preserved wooden parts with ground contact (in Europe)

» aluminium components

» fibre-reinforced plastic components


10 years

» concrete parts

» surface finish of steel and aluminium components

» climbing grips

5 years

» preserved wooden parts with ground contact (outside Europe)

» unpreserved wooden parts

» plastic and fibreglass parts

» steel reinforced nets and ropes

» springs

» parts made from Jatoba


3 years

» rubber and rubber-coated parts, polyurethane parts

» moving parts, malfunctions

» wooden bodies of spring mobiles

» steel cables, chains

» surface finish of other than steel and aluminium components

» painted or surfaced plywood boards

» wooden parts without pressure impregnation (Park)

1 year

» ropes without steel reinforcement
» textile elements and stickers
» plaster-coated parts
» electronic components


The warranty for the surface finish on metal components installed in structures within 500 metres from the seashore is half of the standard warranty time.

Products and their components manufactured by a third party, and electronic products and their components are covered by warranty terms provided separately.

This warranty applies to all orders delivered after 1 June 2021. In warranty issues, please get in touch with your contact person.

Warranty terms

Covered by warranty

The warranty covers free delivery of components covered by the warranty to Lappset retailer's storage that is relevant to the case or nearest to the customer. Defective parts must be replaced with Lappset components. If requested, any damaged components must be returned to Lappset Group at the sender's expense. The warranty of any replaced product or part thereof shall remain valid until the end of the warranty period of the original product or part.

In the event of damage or loss during transport, the Incoterms 2020 delivery terms shall apply in EU and export trade. Finnterms terms shall apply for the delivery of goods in Finland. The recipient is responsible for checking the delivery against the packing list or dispatch note prior to accepting the delivery. If there is any external damage to packaging, this should be noted in the bill of lading. If there is any damage in the product sustained during transport that could not be detected on receipt, the forwarder's representative must be asked to inspect the goods within seven (7) days of the receipt of the goods. . The warranty expires, if the time mentioned is not followed.

Not covered by warranty

» Normal wear and tear or damage sustained during incorrect storage, installation or use, or resulting from vandalism or natural disaster.
» Corrosion of metal parts caused by salt water or salt-water fog.
» Corrosion caused by scratches and dents.
» Minor natural cracks or bends, splints or tears in wood.
» Slight fading of colours or other cosmetic faults and defects.
» Faults resulting from negligence of installation and maintenance instructions, or faults resulting from maintenance.
» Any modifications or repairs made in the product or parts thereof by other parties than Lappset Group.
» The installation costs of the parts replaced under the warranty.
Lappset Group's responsibility for faulty products or parts thereof is limited to what is stated in these terms of warranty. Lappset Group shall not be responsible for any indirect costs, losses or damages.

Contact your contact person for more information about warranty.