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Wooden components 

The wood material we use is PEFC™ -certified northern pine. Changes in humidity cause less changes in glulam than in solid wood. As a result, glulam maintains its shape even as time goes by. 

Metal components

The metal parts are made of stainless steel, anodised or painted aluminium or hot-dip galvanised steel, and the steel components are either sandblasted, treated with epoxy and powdered paint or given an electrodeposited coating and then a coat of powdered paint. The metal components have excellent weather- resistant properties and a finished look, they are also recyclable. 

High-pressure laminate panels

We use sturdy and durable high-quality panels made of high-pressure laminate.

Lappset product sign

All our products come with a product sign specifying the exact model of the product. This makes ordering spare parts and maintenance easy. 

Rubber mat

EPDM rubber granule mat on platforms and climbing surfaces improves the grip and therefore the usability.

Ropes and nets

All the ropes we use in our nets are steel reinforced. The cruciform joints are of stainless steel. The rope fasteners are made of strong plastic, and specially designed link fasteners are used in joints exposed to major angle changes.

Battling ropes 081255M

Square braided black polyamide, diameter 32mm, length 15,7m. Shrink-on handles at the ends and 2pcs anti-theft locking blocks. Battling rope is not steel reinforced as it would affect the usability. 


Climbing grips 

Climbing grips have been made of pressured sandstone materials and designed especially for bouldering purposes. They are secure in use and feel as genuine stone materials.

Plastic surface

Plastic surface is made from durable polyethene, which provides solid surface and is highly weather resistant.


We only use high-quality accessories in all our products.