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Recycling of Lappset product packages and products in the end of the life cycle

Lappset product packaging and products at the end of their life cycle can be recycled and/or used to generate energy. The materials collected and collection instructions can vary from one location and company to the next. The below instructions have been drawn up following the usual practice. However, you should always check the local recycling and collection instructions. 

Impregnated wood

Impregnated wooden parts can be reused in structures or used for energy recovery at a hazardous waste incineration plant. Parts for disposal are taken to a collection point for impregnated wood.

High pressure laminated panels

Laminated panels can be reused in structures or used for energy recovery at a licensed waste incineration plant. Panels for disposal are taken to an incineration plant.

Metal parts

 Metals are recyclable and can be processed for use as recycled raw material by industry. Metal parts are sorted and taken to a metal collection point.

Plastic parts

Most plastic parts bear a material marking code on the basis of which they can be used as recycled raw material or for energy recovery at a licensed waste incineration plant. Plastic parts are taken to a plastic collection point.

Paper, paperboard and cardboard

Paper, paperboard and cardboard is delivered to a waste treatment plant for recycling. Paper, paperboard and cardboard is sorted and taken to a collection point.

Wooden packaging and painted wooden products that have not been impregnated 

Wooden packaging and wooden parts can be partly recycled. Wood for disposal can be used as a fuel to replace fossil fuels in the generation of energy and heat. Depending on the type of wood waste, it can be used at a biomass-fired energy plant alongside other fuels or at a licensed waste incineration plant. Wood waste is taken to a collection point for wood waste to energy

Safety tiles

All components containing rubber or rubber shred are recyclable and can be used again. Rubber and tyre chippings are used to replace non-renewable natural materials.

Steel-reinforced ropes and nets

Ropes and nets can be crushed so as to sort out plastic and metal. Plastic is used for energy recovery and metal as a recycled material. Ropes and nets can usually be taken to a metal collection point.