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Wooden parts

The wood material is PEFC ™ certified northern pine. For example in the frame posts, the strong heartwood is turned outwards, which strengthens the durability of the post. Glue-laminated timber does not suffer from moisture variation like solid wood, which allows the wood to retain its shape over time.

Metal components

The metal parts are made of stainless steel, anodised or painted aluminium or hot-dip galvanised steel, and the steel components are either sandblasted, treated with epoxy and powdered paint or given an electrodeposited coating and then a coat of powdered paint. The metal components have excellent weather- resistant properties and a finished look, they are also recyclable.

High-pressure laminate panels (HPL)

We use sturdy and durable high-quality panels made of high-pressure laminate (HPL). The thickness of the panels varies according to its purpose. The basic rule:
20 mm: floors
15 mm: climbing walls, activity walls, start off-plates of slides, hand rails and roofs
10  mm: play panels and decorative walls 

Lappset product sign

All our products come with a product sign specifying the exact model of the product. This makes ordering spare parts and maintenance easy. 

Ropes and nets

All the ropes and nets we use are steel reinforced. The cruciform joints are of stainless steel. The rope fasteners are made of strong plastic, and specially designed link fasteners are used in joints exposed to major angle changes

Climbing grips

Climbing grips have been made of pressured sandstone materials and designed especially for bouldering purposes. They are secure in use and feel as genuine stone materials.

Swing chains

All our swing chains are made of 6 mm diameter stainless steel, guaranteeing longlasting protection against corrosion, even in demanding conditions. 

Swing bearings

Swing bearings are cast stainless steel passivated against corrosion. The bearings are soundless and highly durable against mechanical and environmental strain. Thanks to complete re-design our swing bearing is now the most durable in the market, extremely sturdy and robust. While the bearing requires no actual maintenance, it is easy to detach with ordinary tools for seasonal storage.

Swing chain covers

All our swing chain seats come with plastic chain covers that protect the child and feel pleasant to the touch. 

Wooden slide with stainless steel sliding surface

Frame made of multi-layered glue-laminated wood. Lamella on top of the arched beam made consisting of high pressure laminate, protecting the top side from wear while at the same time being comfortable in use. 2 mm thick stainless steel sliding surface remains clean in mint condition for years, has low noise level and long service life when duly maintained.

Plastic slide

The high-quality slide is made of MD-PE plastic. The plastic used for the slide meets the REACH requirements (EU regulation concerning Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & restriction of Chemicals) and does not contain any compounds hazardous to health. The plastic slide is maintenance free and impact-resistant, and remains cool in the sun. The grooves along the middle of the slide help it dry faster after rain. Thanks to its light weight, the UV-protected plastic slide is easy to transport and install.

Stainless steel slide

Stainless steel slide is the optimal choice when the equipment is in intensive use and the need for maintenance needs to be minimized. The structure is practically indestructible and very resistant to wear and tear remaining in mint condition for years. Stainless steel material is 2 mm thick. All steel structure is TIG welded with high attention to detail.

Tunnels and tube slides

The tunnels and tube slides are made of plastic intended for outdoor use with high temperature and weather tolerance and impact resistance. 

Lappset spiral spring

The spiral spring of spring riders developed by Lappset has offered children the joy of fast movement for more than 30 years. It is made of robust LappCoat-coated steel. The spiral spring does not move sideways, giving children an enjoyable but safe swinging motion. The back-and-forth motion of the spring soothes children.

Lappset spinning pivot

In addition to allowing the platform to spin around, the spinning pivot enables it to swing, thus introducing a new function. In addition, the pivots of any larger products feature a break for added safety that stops the spinning if the user falls off.


Fasteners are made of stainless steel or hotdip zinc-coated steel. The Ø8 mm stainless steel screws, named after our installation engineer Aippa, are specifi cally designed for ease of installation. They do not slip in use. In addition, the form of the screw has been designed to reduce cracking of wood.

Bonded rubber shred components 

For part of its product range Lappset uses components made of bonded rubber shred, consisting of recycled rubber granules glued together with weather-resistant polyurethane adhesive. Some of these components use a combination of bonded rubber shred and natural rubber (EPDM). 

Ball joints of metal products

The ball joints and panel fastenings of the frame are made of fibreglass-reinforced polyamide plastic for outdoor use. They have high temperature and weather tolerance and impact resistance.


We only use high-quality accessories in all our products.