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PEFC™ -certified northern pine is ecological and user friendly material

Let the frost bite and the sun scorch, but the northern pine will endure. Nature is a good advocator of our choice of materials. The northern pine has always been exposed to four changing seasons and weather conditions shifting from one extreme to another. Pine is a natural and soft material for children. It remains pleasant to use in any weather conditions, because it does not get hot in the sun or freeze in the cold.  

 Another important property the pine has in addition to durability is its environmental friendliness: as material, it has a negative carbon footprint. We mainly use wood felled from certified forests, which means that the material is guaranteed to be ecologically produced. The PEFC™-certificate we use at the moment is the most widely used forestry certificate in the world, and it can only be granted by independent auditors. The use of certified forests is also closely monitored.

LappCoat – unique coating for metal components

LappCoat is a coating method for metal components, developed by Lappset. We have designed the method with particular attention to the requirements of playground equipment. 

The LappCoat coating was innovated through research and development which helped us define the stages of the production process, the chemicals used in the process, and the coating thicknesses. LappCoat provides metal components with unbeatable qualities, such as a 10-year guarantee. The LappCoat coating process has four stages. In the final stages, the metal components are undercoated with an epoxy primer which protects them from corrosion and automatically repairs small scratches on the surface. The LappCoat surface is finished with polyester powder coating, which leaves the surface shiny, extremely durable and pleasant to touch. The LappCoat method guarantees that the metal components have long lasting, bright and fresh colours.

The LappCoat coating process is made unique by our rigorous methods and quality control. Even the smallest details of all stages of the process have been audited. In order to guarantee the outcome, we have also audited the processes of all subcontractors importing the materials needed in the LappCoat coating.

Warranty period

Period of time in which Lappset will replace broken parts free of charge if the breakage is due to material, design or manufacturing error. Warranty period is linked (but not equal) to design lifetime but also commercial decision.

Design lifetime 

Period that the product or component is designed to last in average conditions. Product and its components may have different design lifetimes. For example, some moving parts may have designed to be consumables are replaced once or more during the products design lifetime. Numerical values for product engineering and testing are conducted on estimations based on this period. Design lifetime and expected lifetime are the same thing. Design lifetime is always longer than warranty period. Design lifetime is dependent on choices made at engineering phase.


 Product lifecycle is the actual time from manufacturing to eventual recycling. Life cycle includes all the refurbishments and major repairs that might extend the lifetime considerably. Therefore, lifecycle can be much longer than design lifetime. Note that lifecycle can also be shorter than design lifetime if the playground is renewed (from other than technical reasons) earlier. The length of life cycle is dependent on actions and choices made during the lifecycle.

Lappset swing frame
Playground equipment

The material used in Lappset playground equipment. are safe and of high quality.

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Outdoor gym Ulkoilmakuntosali
Sport equipment

Durable and fit-for-purpose materials guarantee the high quality of our sports equipment.

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Garden bench outdoors
Park and street furniture

Park and street furniture should withstand variable weather conditions.

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Recycling of Lappset materials

Lappset product packages and end-of-life products can be recycled or utilized as energy.

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Safety, quality and environmental certificates
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