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With proper maintenance, your equipment will have a long life span

We design and manufacture all our play and sport equipment with safety in mind, taking the users’ age group into consideration and assessing risks on the basis of current standards. Please note that as the owner, you are responsible for the maintenance of the equipment and the area around it. 

Warranty is valid only if the equipment has been properly maintained

It is crucial to conform to the inspection and maintenance instructions provided by us to prevent hazardous situations on, below and around play and sport equipment. Lappset takes no responsibility for any damage or injuries caused by non-compliance with the instructions. Lappset’s general product warranty is subject to compliance with these maintenance instructions. Maintenance manual describes how to properly inspect and maintain Lappset equipment. 


All public playgrounds must be inspected in accordance with the EN 1176-7 standard:

  • Routine visual inspection (daily to monthly)
  • Operational inspection (every 1 to 6 months)
  • Annual main inspection (every year)

The inspection frequency of play equipment depends on the type of equipment, level of use, level of vandalism and location (e.g. harsh climate conditions). If equipment is subject to heavy use, harsh climate conditions or vandalism, inspection and maintenance work should be carried out more frequently than recommended in these instructions.

Spare part service

Parts must occasionally be replaced due to damage or wear. This must be done without delay so as to prevent hazardous situations. Repairs must be carried out in accordance with the maintenance manual and installation instructions.

If repairs cannot be made immediately, access to the part in question or, if necessary, the entire piece of equipment, must be prevented.

When you need a spare part for a Lappset equipment, please contact your local salesperson. We kindly ask you to note that the delivery time of spare parts for equipment that are no longer included in the current equipment range can be longer.

Product sign

All our equipment come with a label specifying the exact product model. This makes ordering spare parts and maintenance easy.

Recycling of products

Lappset product packaging and products at the end of their life cycle can be recycled and/or used to generate energy. The materials collected and collection instructions can vary from one location and company to the next. See the link to instructions that have been drawn up following the usual practice. However, you should always check the local recycling and collection instructions.

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