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Installation instructions

With each Lappset product we attach clear assembly and installation instructions which must be followed. Components are clearly numbered in order to make the installation as easy as possible. In the illustrated installation instructions you will find all the necessary information regarding frame connections, assembly of wall elements, panels, roofs and the installation of the structural elements such as posts, bars, nets, suspension bridges, steps and slides.

Always read the installation instructions thoroughly before installing the playground equipment. The equipment must be assembled and installed on site following the installation instructions given by the manufacturer. The minimum safety zones mentioned in the installation instructions must also be adhered to.

Elevation and footing depths of the equipment must follow the instructions. The vertical parts must be vertical and the horizontal parts must be horizontal, as otherwise certain planned inclinations in the equipment may not conform to safety norms. If the guidelines for minimum safety zones mentioned in the installation instructions are not followed, the installer may have to accept the consequences of this negligence and compensate for any injuries sustained within the minimum safety zones.


Minimum safety zones

The safety area for each product is shown in the web site and also in the installation instructions. Since products may change, the safety area must always be built according to the installation instructions provided with the product. Up-to-date documents can always be found on the product search.


As standard, the playground equipment is installed on underground foundations. Alternatively, the equipment can be surface mounted. Please specify when placing your order if you wish to opt for surface mounting. Playground equipment and other items must be permanently fixed to the ground. Some equipment can be fixed to the ground using anchoring parts that must be ordered separately. The traditional use of concrete foundations is only required in certain cases. Details of specific foundations are given within the installation instructions.


According to the EN standards, playground equipment must be assembled on a surface the critical fall height of which corresponds to the fall height of the equipment. If loose materials, such as sand with a grain size of 0.2–2 mm or gravel with a grain size of 2–8 mm, are used, the required layer thickness varies between 25 and 40 cm. Safety tiles, which are made of bonded rubber shred, present an easy-to-clean option for a safe floor material. Elements can be assembled on top of grass, as long as their critical fall height does not exceed 1 m.

In addition to the shock absorbing base shown in the drawings, the safety sphere extends to at least 150 cm around all parts of the product upon which users can climb. Different countries may have different regulations regarding this space. Most countries prohibit allowing sharp and hard objects in this area, such as cut stones or rough tree stumps.

More detailed information on safe floor materials will be supplied with the assembly instructions.


Commissioning of the Playground

Before using the play area, a handover inspection should be performed. The handover inspection, log book and assembly instructions accompanying the order confirmation or delivery are provided to facilitate the inspection into the safety of the play area and to ensure that the facility has been correctly installed. Please remember that the play area should not be used until the site has been cleared and the playground declared safe!

Most used mounting alternatives
lappset playground equipment mounting instructions
Surface mounting
lappset playground equipment mounting instructions
Underground foundations with foundation assembly
lappset playground equipment mounting instructions
Underground foundations with concrete
lappset playground equipment mounting instructions
Underground foundations with foundations plates
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