Jungle in the city and a space themed playground

Chungra housing area
The city of In-cheon in South Korea wanted to provide children themed playgrounds. Our local Lappset distributor Duha Enterprise designed them a jungle themed and a space themed colourful playgrounds. The jungle in the city provides the children a small zoo, where you are able to imagine you are Tarzan or an adventurer in a jungle. In the space themed playground you can flow through the galaxy like an astronaut and experience the stars lighting up at night with the solar panel.
In-cheon city, South Korea
Lappset MyDesign playground, slide, track
Design playground
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Lappset MyDesign playground
Themed playground in Athens, Greece

Themed playground in Athens, Greece

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Lappset flora climbing track
Artists Park playground Australia

Environmental values and sustainable development are important values not only for landscape architects and designers, but also for clients and families with children. Flora is Lappset’s answer to the demand for natural play.

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Lappset Creative Peter Rabbit
Peter Rabbit FEC UK

Lappset delivered the world’s first PETER RABBIT Adventure Playground to Willows Activity Farm in England in 2016

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