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Students designed a functional playground at the Western Academy of Beijing, China
What happens if you let pupils and students participate in a playground design process? Well, the process empowers the studying youth, lets their creativity and needs steer the design work eventually ending in a very successful result. It was exactly what happened at the Western Academy of Beijing, China when the school’s pupils were let to design the outdoor play area.

Fei Lu, our liaison for Chinese customers, tells that the customer was extremely pleased with the result. “This project also makes me think, what is the real trend in the market. Many landscape designers or architects usually make plans outlining their own visions with fancy structures that need a lot of custom inputs. However, when the kids can make their own choices, as in this case, they choose the standard ones with a simple design, and yet the coolest ones in their opinions. Maybe there is no correct answer to the previous question, but no doubt, the aerial runway is the most popular product among these middle schoolers.”

The schoolyard is now furnished with a great variety of playful options. The range of products installed comprises an Aerial runway (160050M), a Bird’s nest swing (137417M), a Carousel (137033M), a Fitness rope wall (081235M), and a Gibbonswing L (220513B). A Halo Cubic (239031M) is also set on the site together with a Play Planetarium (231005). A grey Precision Ball (220502B), seven Rubber Buttons (220038), and four Rubber Seats (000226) add to the playful experiences. A Seesaw (137237M) for two and two high Swing Frames (137415M) as well as an XL Wall Bouldering Cube (220620B) offer extra excitement and challenges to the playing pupils.
Western Academy of Beijing, China
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