Play for children, sport for adults

Luxurious resort in the western Ukraine wanted to offer its customers outdoor play and fitness areas.

RIXOS Prykarpattya, Truskavets, Ukraine
One of the biggest and most luxurious resorts in western Ukraine, RIXOS Prykarpattya, wanted to offer both sport and play areas for their customers. New Horizons 2005, our local distributor in Ukraine, jumped to the challenge.
RIXOS Prykarpattya / New Horizons 2005
Lappset spaceship, MyDesign playground
Space Age Playground 奕欧来 Shanghai Village

Located at Value Retail China’s flagship shopping village in Shanghai, this fascinating playground is inspired by the concepts of machinery and travel.

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Lappset inclusive design playground
Inclusive playground, Lerum Sweden

The municipality of Lerum in Sweden designed and implemented, together with our Swedish subsidiary Lappset Sweden, an accessible playground where every user was taken into account.

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Lappset MyDesign playground
Themed playground in Athens, Greece

Themed playground in Athens, Greece

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