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Warburton Community Recreation Reserve – Warburton, VIC, Australia
In a land most well-known for kangaroos and koala bears, you’ll find a magical place full of wonder and imagination. You’ll want to look in Warburton, VIC, Australia; to be precise. It’s here, at the Warburton Community Recreation Reserve, that you’ll come across an installation that will leave you breathless and also beckon you to play.

Completed in 2020 by our local partners, Lark Industries, the Warburton Community Recreation Reserve saw the transformation of an old community pool area into a full-fledged destination playground that showcases the versatility that Flora Nature Play provides. With a custom, 10m high tower and two slides at 9m and 6m in height, this structure pushes play value to the max and beyond.

For those that prefer to stay a little bit closer to the ground, a junior tower, balance beams and a locomotive provide play options for even the tiniest of adventurers.
Distributor: Lark Industries
Image of a tree house playground by lappset
Image from the side of a treehouse play equipment by lappset
image of a lappset tree house play equipment from the back
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Playground in a theatre garden in Poland

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Large public recreational park with Wall-Holla in Poland

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lappset playground castle ireland
Dragon' Den playground, Ireland

Dragon is watching from the hill, as the knights prepare to protect their castle... How fun playing in this playground must be! The customer of this project was the Ark Open Farm, an attraction mainly visited by families, schools, and youth clubs. They had installed a Lappset play area supplied by Allplay already in 2014 and wanted to add another attraction to enhance their visitor experience

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