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Playground in one day, Enschede, The Netherlands

Lappset, our subsidiary Yalp and the Krajicek Foundation installed a playground in one day with the help of the community of Enschede.

Krajicek Playground, Boswinkel Plaza, Enschede, The Netherlands
Lappset's subsidiary Yalp and the Krajicek Foundation developed the Playground in One Day concept to encourage children to engage in physical activity more often. The Playground in One Day concept is part of Yalp’s three-year sponsorship of the Krajicek Foundation. It follows the example set by American foundation KABOOM, which involves playgrounds being installed within just one day with the community’s assistance.

On Saturday September 21st 2019, this ambitious plan was executed at Krajicek Playground, Boswinkel Plaza in Enschede. The playground was completed within one day in a joint effort with Enschede local authority, the playground association, a neighboring school and the community.

The playground has many different elements, combining traditional play equipment with interactive solutions. Memo, Sutu and Toro are interactive and challenging games which have been developed to attract children outdoors to play and socialize. These interactive play and exercise devices meet the challenge of activating our digital generation.
Playground in one day
Lappset playground and interactive Memo
Memo interactive play equipment
Interactive Toro
Interactive Sutu
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