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Båstad is a classic of park benches

Lappset’s range of park and street furniture comprises of old classics and new modern furniture. Båstad is one of the classics, a romantic park bench in the English garden style.

Enköping, Sweden
Enköping is a town located ca. one-hour drive to the West of Stockholm. The town is known for its numerous and beautiful public parks. We’re extremely happy that the City of Enköping has chosen Lappset’s Båstad as one of their outdoor furniture ranges. Even though these benches are more than 20 years old, they still look fresh.
City of Enköping / Lappset Sweden
Båstad benches
Jatoba as a material
Jatoba is a Brasilian FSC certified, sustainable, hard and beautifully ageing wood. During the years, the wood’s red-brownish colour will naturally turn into a grayish shade.
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