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Magical Flora Playground in Sweden

The nature inspired design of Flora fits perfectly into the verdant landscape of the Botanical Garden.

Botanical Garden in Norra Bäcklösa, Uppsala, Sweden
Uppsala Municipality in Sweden chose our Flora range to fit into the old Botanical Garden and its beautiful, verdant surroundings. Designed to resemble the natural forms of nature, Flora is the perfect choice for a playground in the middle of the garden.

The stunning landmark of the playground is Flora Magic Mountain - an eye-catcher with a highest point of more than six meters. This multifunctional play equipment gives everyone the opportunity to practice their climbing skills in many ways to reach the intriguing “chambers” on multiple levels, and enjoy the tube slide back down from the top. If you want more climbing experiences closer to the ground, the exciting climbing structure Pyramid Net accommodates more challenges the deeper into the net you climb.

In addition to climbing, this playground offers numerous play functions such as swinging, sliding and sand play. This fresh-looking playground with its beautiful surroundings is a wonderful place to spend a day for all ages!
Uppsala Municipality
Magic Mountain at Flora playground in Uppsala
Climbing on Magic Mountain
Flora Magic Mountain
the intriguing ”chambers” of Magic Mountain
Sand Play
Climbing structure Pyramid Net
Other references
Lappset flora climbing track
Artists Park playground Australia

Environmental values and sustainable development are important values not only for landscape architects and designers, but also for clients and families with children. Flora is Lappset’s answer to the demand for natural play.

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Footscray Park in Australia

Customised Flora tower turned into a Robin Hood treehouse at Footscray Park in Australia.

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Tiger Park and Farm at Ranua Wildlife Park, Finnish Lapland

The Tiger Park forms an astonishing play area of ca 1.000 square metres with twin Flora Towers rising up to almost ten metres, furnished with two natural-sized tiger characters. The Farm offers play opportunities to toddlers in traditional Finnish farm style. Lappset designed the play area in close cooperation with the client, furnished with the playground equipment and took care of the installations.

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Playground in one day, Enschede, The Netherlands

Lappset, our subsidiary Yalp and the Krajicek Foundation installed a playground in one day with the help of the community of Enschede.

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