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Frankston, Australia
Karingal Hub Happy Camp is the result of a collaborative design approach between Lappset Group and our partner Lark Industries. The custom structures take inspiration from some of Lappset’s core modular and proprietary ranges, including Finno and Cubic which have been developed and configured to create a new and exciting play solution.

The design comprises three towers from the Cubic range, with varied accessibility and play engagement. Each cube tower provides accessibility to the main three storey centrepiece, with large slides providing an exciting descent. The second element has been coined the Vertical Maze and provides an immersive puzzle of ups, downs and sideways movements, offering a multitude of pathways, challenges and adventures. It takes inspiration from the favourite game Snakes and Ladders and ensures varied experiences for all ages.
Lark Industries

Playground from good to outstanding


Elevating a playground from good to outstanding is all about going back to basics, and preferencing function over form. Creating a space that offers more than just beautiful looking structures. Because to attract children to a playground, and keep them coming back, you have to create exciting, memorable and engaging spaces. Where children scream in absolute delight and can’t wait to get in amongst it all and play, and where parents and carers, across generations, are equally engaged and happy to be there. 

Karingal Hub Happy Camp is the perfect case in point


As part of the Karingal Hub redevelopment, Lark Industries` client ISPT’s vision was to create a new entertainment and dining destination in the Karingal Hub Town Square. A genuine civic plaza where the community has a diversity of spaces in which to linger, dine, play and spend time with family and friends. But, Michal Krodkiewski, Probuild’s Senior Design Manager, says the initial Town Square design was a large open space lacking intimacy and activation.

In the feature playspace, Chris Wanless, ISPT’s Senior Development Manager says they wanted to, “bring the community together and ignite creative expression and imagination, the immersive experience catering for varied accessibility and diverse play engagement.”


Craig Tan from Craig Tan Architects designed the Town Square as a series of experiences that created opportunities for people to occupy and activate along the edges. Karingal Hub Happy Camp is now the keystone to the new Town Square.  

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