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Holiday Resort L'Océan Breton
"This magnificent lighthouse has made the customer, Holiday Resort L'Océan Breton, very happy in France," says Eric Regnault at Lappset France.

Inspired by the local famous lighthouse of Port of Guilvinec, the idea of the playground was planned together with the customer.

"The Holiday Resort L'Océan Breton is a large campsite by the sea of Brittany, and they wished for a classy and common play area with a nautical theme. There are a lot of real lighthouses on the coast of Brittany and they all have a story to tell. Our concept designer drafted a 12.4-metre tall lighthouse based on the famous local lighthouse."

The lighthouse has got some special features such as the beautiful wooden outer shell, three tube slides with different heights, and a decorative balcony. Inside the lighthouse, children can climb and look into the horizon using binoculars.

"The structure of this Lighthouse could be very well used in other themed solutions as well, such as themed castles or space rockets", thinks Tero Puotiniemi, the concept designer of the Lighthouse.

Lighthouse was manufactured in the Lappset factory in Finland as a Lappset Premium project.
Holiday Resort L'Océan Breton

Our guests children are utterly amazed by our life like lighthouse, and it has become the meeting point for all the children throughout their holidays!

Kayleigh Furic
Director, Yellow Village L'Océan Breton*****

High towers
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lappset playground castle ireland
Dragon' Den playground, Ireland

Dragon is watching from the hill, as the knights prepare to protect their castle... How fun playing in this playground must be! The customer of this project was the Ark Open Farm, an attraction mainly visited by families, schools, and youth clubs. They had installed a Lappset play area supplied by Allplay already in 2014 and wanted to add another attraction to enhance their visitor experience

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Kaisa group_china_lighthouse_IMG_4510.jpg
Kaisa Golden Bay playground in China

The coastal lifestyle inspired the playground design at Kaisa Golden Bay, Shenzhen, China.

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Tiger Park and Farm at Ranua Wildlife Park, Finnish Lapland

The Tiger Park forms an astonishing play area of ca 1.000 square metres with twin Flora Towers rising up to almost ten metres, furnished with two natural-sized tiger characters. The Farm offers play opportunities to toddlers in traditional Finnish farm style. Lappset designed the play area in close cooperation with the client, furnished with the playground equipment and took care of the installations.

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