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“I just want to stay fit, be outside, feel healthy and have fun”

Outdoor gym at the University of Twente invites students to be active outdoors.

University of Twente
The University of Twente furnished an outdoor gym by Lappset’s fitness equipment to provide outdoor training facilities to its numerous students. The area design and choice of equipment was made by Yalp, Lappset’s subsidiary in the Netherlands, together with the client.
University of Twente / Yalp
University of Twente
User experience

Douwe Bosscher is a student of mechanical engineering at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. He’s also a former boxer, who’s shifted from professional training to keeping himself fit and in good physical condition by regular exercise at the outdoor gym of the university.

- I come here approximately twice a week. I train two to four times a week, usually during the weekends, as I’m busy finishing my studies, Bosscher says.

According to Douwe, training outside is more fun than indoors, especially in a nice weather. Sometimes he does the exercises with friends, but usually alone, because then he can decide the tempo by himself.

- Most of the time I train the upper body and the abdominals, with 10 replays times four.

When asked about his goals, Douwe Bosscher replies that his aim is not to train professionally, as he used to do when competing in boxing, but to stay fit, be outside, feel healthy and have fun.

- The goal is not anymore for me to compete or like that. I’m very happy about this place, he concludes his training philosophy.

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