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Hague, Netherlands
This freerun park has been developed to provide a safe, professional and multifunctional freerun setup. DASH offers challenges for both the novice and the professional freerunner. The first DASH freerun setup is located in The Hague, the Netherlands.

Freerunner Samuel van Rijn is happy with the new freerun setup in The Hague: "I love this freerun park! There are many different kinds of jumps and movements that I can't do as well at other parks. This park is outstanding because oblique planes are used here. In other parks you often only see straight walls. With Dash you can play more with your so called 'foot placement'. This also makes it possible to train difficult jumps."

Products: 081702M, 081720M, 081721M, 081722M, 081735M, 081736M, 081701M, 081710M, 081711M, 081712M, 081750M, 081657M
The municipality of Hague
Dash Parkour products
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