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Butterfly themed playground in Finland

It may come as a surprise to some, but it does get warm enough in Finland to see butterflies in the summer; and in the town of Riihimäki in southern Finland, there are so many that they’ve actually named a park after them.

Butterfly Park | Riihimäki, Finland
Completed in 2021, the Butterfly Park is a favorite of Riihimäki residents and it’s easy to see why. Nestled in a calm and quite residential neighborhood, the Butterfly Park includes many Lappset classics like swings, a sand play area and a Flora Nature Play tower that has been adorned with a colorful variety of different butterfly shapes. In addition to providing a fun reference to the park’s namesake, the different butterflies are also part of a seeking game. A spinner with a list of rules and eight different colors on it instructs users how to play – and win – providing users with an interactive and competitive experience. With four access points – including two rope ladders, one arched climbing wall with rope and another wooden and rope ladder – the Butterly Park’s focal point is perfect for this neighborhood setting. Move between each tower using the slanted bridge, and use the slide or other climbing entrances/exits to return back to solid ground.

Available with virtually every Lappset product, theming (like in the case of Riihimäki’s Butterfly Park) is an excellent way to create more uniquely personalized playscapes that can tell stories, add historic references, create notoriety and just make things more fun.
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