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Weert, Netherlands
In the 15th century a Nijenborgh Castle was built by in Weert, of which a large part was destroyed later in 1702. Some of the castles remains can still be seen in the central park of Weert.

Eric Sprangers (Project Manager, Weert): "We wanted to bring history back to life with the redevelopment of the park. The wish was a large play castle inspired by the former Nijenborgh Castle." Our designers Marco van Heerde and Kim Dijkman set to work with this wish.

Marco: "The tight space where the play castle had to be placed was a challenge. That is why we have chosen to have the most characteristic elements of Nijenborgh Castle returned to the play castle. These are: the access bridge, the large square tower with balcony, the large closed square tower and the connection between these two towers."

The atmosphere and the authentic appearance of the castle are also reflected in the design. The custom-made play castle is made with parts from the Lappset Flora line that perfectly matches the natural character of the park.

Eric Sprangers: "We were very surprised by the beautiful design. Especially the height and the connection between the two towers we immediately found very cool. Special are the details such as the Coat of Arms of Weert that comes back on the shields of the castle."
Yalp NL
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