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A Treehouse inspired playground in Madrid

Tree House offers a magnificent view on the top

Madrid, Spain
As children, we dream of a nest of our own, high up on the tree top. A secret hideaway where to climb and where to play imaginative games.

The Tree House playground belongs to the Lappset Premium Collection with multiple play elements like zip lines, climbing elements, skill games and sand areas. All built around a solid structure simulating a large tree for climbing up the spiral staircase and sliding down from the top. On the top, there's a small cottage with glass windows for studying the surrounding world from the heights.
City of Madrid
treehouse lappset premium
Tree house lappset premium
The Books playground in Cornellà, Spain

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Ship inside a shopping centre in Finland

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Lappset premium_olives_banner.JPG
Lappset Premium: Olives in Spain

Who will reach the highest olive first?

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Spectacular Dino in Madrid

Is this the biggest dinosaur in the world?

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